Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Sister Tee goes marching with the saints

You are one of few persons those who know you have confessed if it were possible to go on living forever should remain immortal. But given that eternity is only for the soul, you had to go marching on with the saints.

Sr. Theresa Nwanruo, but Sr. Tee to all who came to know you, lived a beautiful life filled with smiles, compassion for those in need of comfort and charity to those without the privilege of true love.

As the first Rev. Sister to Abuja, you were not just a purveyor of ‘bringing’ the church to Nigeria’s virgin capital city, but an exemplar of humility, decency, counsellor and a saint in human form.

Over the years, Sr. Tee was our spiritual guide, our balance and prayer warrior. You did not raise your voice, but could rebuke strongly and effectively.

As a Daughter of God, you sought for the good of all and impressed it why we should be close to God the Father. 

As your health failed, your faith never wavered; your love for family and those you had drawn under your influence deepened. Hours before you passed to meet the Creator, you were upbeat because you didn’t want us worried.

Owing to your relationship with God, you had spoken weeks before that you were ready to meet your Maker. There is little doubt that He will acquit you well and say; ‘come and rest, ye faithful servant.’

While the tears run down our cheeks and the pain stays in our hearts, we thank God for sharing such a beautiful soul as you, Sr. Tee, with us.

Indeed, sweet chariots have carried our beloved Sr. Tee home. Adieu!


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