Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Judge Sule-Amzat, beware of the tocsin of power

I mistrust the judgment of every man in a case in which his own wishes are concerned. - Anonymous

As a Learned person, it is probable that Lagos magistrate, Mrs. Funke Sule-Amzat, would have come across the above quote. Even if she has not, there is the likelihood she has come to something equally profound.

Last week, the news scene was abuzz with the report that Judge Sule-Amzat had abused her power by allegedly sending a mother of three, Yetunde Osijo, to the Kirikiri Prison.

The reason for the judicial rascality is based on the allegation that Osijo scratched the magistrate’s car in the ever chaotic Lagos traffic.

As the judge, Sule-Amzat accused Osiji of driving in a reckless manner and caused a breach of the peace.

The danger of the whole imbroglio is that the magistrate overreached her powers as a judicial officer when she did not give Osijo the benefit of legal representation but was quick to arraign her and send her to Kirikiri prison.

As a judicial officer, the magistrate should have exercised caution however vexed she was over the car scratching incident. To allow her emotions to get better of her signposts a dangerous trait not fit for the Bench.


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