Written by Sarah NEGEDU

FCT Residents Alarmed At Rising Crime Rate

As the economic crises deepens with rising cost, long fuel queues and long blackouts, residents of the Federal Capital Territory are faced with double jeopardy: rising crime rate.

With the stark economic realities arrayed against them, residents of the capital territory say they no longer sleep with both eyes closed as robbery, theft and house burglary are on the increase.

Some of those who spoke to The Abuja Inquirer feared that if nothing was done urgently to redress the acute economic imbalance, more people may take to crime with dire consequences.

According to a provision seller at the Karu market, Madam Eze, “My sister, things have gone really bad. Prices have gone up coupled with no fuel, no light, no money to even buy things.

“People are getting desperate and that is how in our area we no longer can sleep well because the bad boys no longer sleep at night.”

Madam Eze’s fear is echoed by Wazari Ali, a meat seller at the same market. Ali said theft has become rampant in places like Jikwoyi and Kurudu, outskirts of the city center.

“It is now cases of theft in three, four houses every night. People want to survive and they are doing anything to stay alive.”

Our correspondent learnt from senior police officer that the stations are overwhelmed by the sheer number of reported cases of theft and burglaries.

“The number has increased by over 30 percent. People too must be security conscious and ensure that there is at least somebody at home especially on Sundays.”

Several homes across the FCT police report indicate are broken into on Sundays and work days when people may have gone to work or church.


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