Written by Ijeoma UKAZU

Expert unite, projects end of TB by 2035 globally

In order to reduce the epidemic burden of tuberculosis, TB, globally, the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, NIMR, join hands with international community to fight the scourge, projects end of the disease by 2035.

Director General of NIMR, Prof. Innocent Ujah, said ending the epidemic by 2035 is among the global health target of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, as it is estimated that nearly 3 million people who develop TB every year are not diagnosed or notified globally.

Ujah said the disease is preventable and curable, stating that, “it remains one of the world's most deadly infectious conditions and is among the leading causes of death worldwide, particularly in the middle and low income countries.
“In 2014, an estimated 9.6 million people globally fell ill with TB resulting in 1.5 million deaths averaging 4,100 deaths per day. It is the leading cause of death among people living with HIV/AIDS."

However, he said that the disease is most common among the under- privileged, vulnerable and poor people, adding that it is usually referred to as a disease of poverty.

Ujah said that NIMR is collaborating with National TB and Laprosy Control Programme, the state government and communities to find cure, stressing the need to reduce TB, including Multi-Drug Resistant, MDR, to TB especially among people living with HIV and children through the institutes TB diagnostic services offered by the National TB Reference Laboratory.

Earlier in her remark, chairman of the event, Dr. Sofola said that Africa carries the most severe burden while Nigeria remains one of the 22 countries with highest burden worldwide.


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