How much is enough?

v style="\"font-family:garamond,serif;">The figures are mind bugling. But there seems to be no end to the revelations. As you get over a story another breaks. These stories are about billions of naira belonging to Nigerians fretted away by a few individuals.


But at home in Nigerian, another circus has just begun. ‘Oh, it is a witch hunt. Oh, it is my political enemies at work. Oh, somebody is trying to tarnish my image. Oh, my name is not specifically mentioned anywhere in the document. Oh, the properties belong to my wife's siblings.’


It is only in Nigeria that it does not matter whether you hold somebody on the elbow or on the wrist. It is only in Nigeria that the words "red handed" have no probative value. It is only in Nigeria that the phrase "prima facie" is a fabrication. Here we leave the subst 


For me the nagging question is "how much is enough?" Bishop Kukah once told the story of a man who got to a land where strangers are offered land free of charge. At the king's palace he was told that all he needs to do is run around the area he wants for land and it would be his. The foolish and greedy man ran all day, trying to cover as much land as he could instead of what he actually needs to settle down in his new abode. At the end, he arrived back at the king's palace but collapsed and died out of exhaustion before he could tell what amount of land he had covered. As he was being lowered into his burial place, a small piece of earth, the king asked his subjects "how much land does a man need?" The fact spoke on its own behalf.


And as always, at some point, what has been meticulously shielded from public view will be a subject of conversation at the market square. Those merchants of secrecy havens scattered around the remote corners of the world are nothing more than mere salesmen of worthless snake oil. It has always been so and it will always remain so. Only time separates the known from the unknown in this turbulent world of nosy technology.


<span style="\&quot;font-family:garamond,serif;" font-size:14pt\"="">But then, I must again raise the question. How much is enough? Eventually, these men will die like all other sons of men. Some of the stolen money will be lost to phony secrecy brokers. What is left will be fought over by wives, mistresses and wayward children. And society will take a further plunge into despair. The big men may have had some fun but they did not need all that money to have what is adequate lifetime fun. A few things are enough for any man. Anything beyond is a waste.



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