The stranger in the garden

Once upon a time there was a man who had a big garden. He had planted many fruit trees and cared for them till they bear fruits. 
Now he wanted to pick up the fruits and sell them to make money for his family. One fine day while picking the fruits with his son, the man saw a stranger sitting on the branch of a tree and picking the fruits. 
This man became angry and shouted, “hey you! What are you doing on my tree? Aren’t you ashamed of stealing fruits in the daytime?” The stranger on the branch just looked at the gardener but didn’t reply, and continued picking the fruits. 
The gardener was very angry and shouted again, “For a whole year I have taken care of these trees, you have no right to take the fruits without my permission so come down at once!” The stranger on the tree answered, “Why should I come down?
 This is the garden of God and I am the servant of God, so I have the right to pick these fruits and you should not interfere between the work of God and his servant.” The gardener was very surprised at this answer and thought of a plan. 
He told his son, “go bring a rope and get this man down from the tree.” His son brought the rope and the gardener ordered him to tie the stranger to the tree. The gardener then took a stick and started beating the stranger. The stranger began to scream. “Why are you beating me? You have no right to do this.” 
The gardener paid no attention and continued beating him. The stranger screamed, “Don’t you fear God, you are beating an innocent man? The gardener answered, “Why should I fear? This wood in my hand belongs to God and I am too the servant of God, so I have nothing to fear, and you shouldn’t interfere with the work of God and his servant.” 
The stranger hesitated and then spoke, “Wait don’t beat me, I am sorry for taking the fruits. This is your garden and I should seek your permission before taking the fruits. So, please forgive and set me free.” 
The gardener smiled and said, “Since you have now realized your mistake, I will forgive you but remember that God has given all his servants brains so every person’s deeds are in his own hands.” Then the gardener untied him and let him go free. From

What animal jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?
What is lighter than what it is made of?
What is never thirsty but always drinking, alive but never breathing
What is lighter than air but can never be lifted?
What grows when fed but dies when watered?
A Kangaroo 2. An ice 3. A fish 4. Bubbles 5. Fire
Being street wise cont’d
Let Grown-Ups help strangers. It's nice to help people. But remember: Strangers should ask adults, not kids, for help. If a stranger approaches you and asks you for help — such as with giving directions, finding lost money, or searching for a runaway dog — don't help. 
Don't even give an answer. Right away, you should walk the other way. If you're not near a safe spot, try any store or restaurant. If you feel you're in danger, yell for help. 
Stay Away From Strangers' Cars. If a stranger pulls up in a car and offers you a ride, don't get in. You probably know that rule, right? But that's not all of it. 
It's also important to avoid a stranger's car completely. If a stranger asks you to look in the car, don't do it. Don't agree to look in the trunk or in the back of a truck or van. 
Don't put your arm in the window to take something or point to something. Don't agree to come closer to see a pet or to get a toy that's offered. 
If a stranger offers you a toy, some candy, a stuffed animal, or anything else, don't ever take it. Even if it's something you really want, if the offer is coming from a stranger, you should ignore the person and walk the other way. 
If a stranger walks up or pulls up in a car and you're too far away to hear the person, don't go closer, even if the person waves you over. From
How many days are in a year?
If a year is made of four quarters, how many months are in a quarter?
How many years is a 36 months old child?
How often does a leap year occur?
What number of years makes a decade?
365 in a normal year and 366 in a leap year 2. Three months 3. Three years old 4. Every four years 5. Ten years

Did you Know?
Did you know a gorilla can live for 40 to 50 years?
Did you know young female gorillas join a new group at about 8 years old? 
Did you know an adult male gorilla is called a silverback because of the distinctive silvery fur growing on their back and hips? 
Did you know unlike humans, sheep have four stomachs; each one helps them digest the food they eat?

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