Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Smart Adeyemi, not so smart move

In the Hobbesian State of Nature, survival is the first and basic instinct. It is that impulse that has kept man going. It is that gene that tells even a child of one year that danger lurks.
Perhaps, it could be said it is what rules politicians especially in climes like Africa. Or there exists the probability that it is because politics lacks the moral shield like the arts that has the Sword of Damocles.
Whatever it is, one politician that some had credited of been smart owing to his name and moves that earned him a spot as president of the Nigeria Union of Journalists and later a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Smart Adeyemi, may after all not be so smart.
Like a friend in fair weather, Adeyemi, jumped ship from the party that gave him relevance; that provided him influence and some measure of riches in the face of a little tempest.
A vociferous fellow, Adeyemi was one of the verbal warriors of the PDP in the run-up to the 2015 general elections. He waged a relentless battle against the now ruling APC.
After all fair is fair in war! With his failed attempt to return to the Senate and the PDP not too sure of its destiny, Adeyemi has joined his foe, Dino Melaye, the man that dethroned him as a senator.
With his move of no scruples, there is little doubt that Adeyemi may be in for a stormy ride.


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