’Our agenda for new council chairmen’

As the newly-elected chairmen of the six area councils in the FCT prepare to assume office in about two months, residents are already making demands for good governance. Some of Abuja residents, who spoke to Laraba MUREY, highlighted their expectations on issues such as sanitation in the area councils, clearing of drainages, water supply, security, power supply, transportation and other issues left unattended by their predecessors. Excerpt: 
I stay in Apo district. I will like the chairmen to build infrastructure in the area councils. I am from the south west. I have also lived in almost all the six area councils in Abuja. I am yet to see town halls.
These halls will enable the chairmen and their councillors to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss the way forward for the communities.
Also, most of these councils don't have portable water and even the boreholes that have been constructed are old.
Water supply should be top on their agenda. They should either work on dilapidated boreholes or sink new ones.
Environmental sanitation in the area councils is very poor.  This should also be looked into. Finally, water channels and drainages should be cleaned up to allow free flow of water in the FCT communities.
I live in AMAC. The chairman made a lot of promises. If you look around, you will see a lot of hawkers on the streets.
It was not so before now. This market here was demolished. The chairman promised to get us an approved land so that we can continue with our trading. We are looking forward to the fulfilment of that promise.
Secondly, we want residential land to be allocated to the masses without to enable their build their own houses.
Our newly-elected chairmen should follow the path of the president by bringing change to their various area councils.
FCT residents elected them so that they can serve them. The reverse shouldn't be the case. What I further expect from them is to first of all start with the environmental sanitation in communities by cleaning the drainages.
Abuja is the Federal capital of Nigeria; it shouldn't be like the squalor conditions you find in some states. God will bless their efforts.
As a businesswoman, I expect the chairmen to create a good business environment for my business and others to thrive.
I understand it might not be easy but they should try. Also, the chairmen should form a scheme that can empower small business owners.
More importantly, when they want to demolish the so called "illegal markets" they should please provide an alternative so that there won't be frustration among the people as that could lead to increase in crime rate.
We expect the newly-elected chairmen to do a lot for us. We expect a change from the previous administration.
The chairmen should work with the FCT minister and resolve the issue of high rents within Abuja.
People prefer to move to the outskirts because of high rents in the city. The drift of population to satellite towns and other areas can encourage increase in crime rate.
Also, the issue of electricity should be looked into. Some areas still do not have power supply.
 I live in Kuje. The truth is that even if we expect these chairmen to work for us, they won't. For a while now we have been suffering to elect them into office but they turn around and refuse to do as they promised.
Of course we will keep voting and hoping that someday they will think differently and do what they were voted for.


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