Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Mahmood’s inconclusive infancy

In Igbo oral tradition it is common to say that a chick that will grow to maturation is known from infancy. This saying is held sacrosanct not just where it emerged from, but in most communities in Nigeria.

As a people of traditions and wisecracks, it will not be farfetched to situate Prof. Yakubu Mahmood’s Independent National Electoral Commission within the matrix of this ageless proverb.

Barely a little over two months of his appointment by President Muhammed Buhari, Mahmood has conducted two governorship elections – Kogi and Bayelsa States- both with disastrous inconclusive outcomes that have left many a Nigerian asking questions.

First was the Kogi election which was not only declared inconclusive in a most dubious manner but left a candidate dead, possibly out of shock. The other is the shamble in Bayelsa where INEC officials allegedly connived with security agents to favour a particular party but for the resistance of the people.

Faced with little option, the now rechristened Inconclusive National Electoral Commission, declared the poll inconclusive.

With the way and manner Mahmood’s infancy is witnessing ‘inconlusions’, one can only hope that it is only a teething problem that will not follow it to adulthood


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