Written by Benjamin Okike

The Effects Of UNIABUJA War

Department of Computer Science, University of Abuja, Nigeria

War no matter how small it may seem has destructive tendencies. The war that took place in University of Abuja within the period specified above has negative effects on the university community. No war is small because that may lead to the destruction of lives and properties, including that of intellectual as was the case during University of Abuja War. Because of the negative effects of war, some army generals may prefer to convert to Private soldiers in order to continue to serve in Army Headquarters, Abuja where there is no war rather than to be redeployed to North East as generals where Boko Haram has declared war on Nigeria and her citizens.Those beating war drums, chanting war songs, dancing war music and blowing war whistles should desist from such acts as the consequences of war may be better imagined than experienced. War-mongers beware!. 

Throughout the period that the war raged on in the university, University of Abuja experienced a negative growth. My department, Department of Computer Science was the first negative beneficiary of one of the effects of that war. In 2010, a year after the commencement of the war, the department lost accreditation and consequently stopped admission of students. By the year, 2014, the department has no students (100 through 400 levels). During the period under review, the department which was once bubbling with life became a shadow of itself. It is regrettable then that a department that started at the inception of this university in 1990 after over two decades stopped admission of students into the department. Since the department has staff and no students (100 through 400 levels) it would not be out of place then to rename the department to Department of Confusion Science. 

The previous year (2013), I went on self-exile to Department of Computer Science, University of Ghana, Accra in the form of a sabbatical leave where I was teaching till the war ended in 2014. I do not want to mention the effects of that war on Agriculture and Engineering Faculties and that of Medical College, those there may know better than I do.

There is no doubt that it is easier to destroy than to rebuild. The present management of University of Abuja is working hard to reconstruct and repair the “damages and injuries” sustained by the university in the course of the war that ended over a year ago. All stakeholders should give the university management maximum support and cooperation desired to restore the university to its former glory.


Benjamin Okike is of the Department of Computer Science, University Of Abuja, Gwagwalada, FCT.


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