Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

SHORT STORY: The Power of Silence

Joe was an old man aged 75 years. He lived very happily and formed a beautiful family. His children grew up and moved to different cities in pursuit of a good career and a future. 

He lived in a small village carrying the memories of his deceased wife. Joe had 4 grandchildren and they used to visit him during their holidays.
And it was the vacation time and Joe was eagerly waiting for the arrival of his grandchildren. He was preparing his home for the kids, cleaning the home, mowing the garden, rearranging the household items, buying the favourite foods, dresses for the children, etc. In the busy arrangements, he lost his favourite watch. 

The watch was gifted by his dead wife when their first child was born. Joe treasured the watch and it became his sole companion after his wife’s death. 

He forgot the watch missing and was happy receiving the kids at home. It was only the next day when he was about to take bath, he remembered that the watch was missing. He saw the watch last when he was arranging things in the barn. He was shocked and very upset.
His grandchildren asked him why he was so dull and asked him what troubled him. Joe said, ‘Dear children, I lost the most precious watch I have ever had and I ever got in my life. It was gifted by your grandma and I lost it while cleaning the home! I feel like I’m missing my heart.’ 

Joe was on tears and the children promised him that they would search the watch for him. One granddaughter asked ‘grand pa, do you remember when you saw the watch last before it was missing?’

Joe told, ‘I guess when I was cleaning the barn!’ The children decided to search for the watch in the barn. The barn was full of waste materials, books, scraps, broken furniture, etc.

The children searched for more than 2 hours with help of Joe and a servant, but could not find it. Joe was completely shattered and asked the children to stop searching as they could not find anything. The kids were also too sad, and consoled the grandfather. 

One grandson again moved to the barn, and Joe asked why he was going there again. The little boy requested others not to follow him and remain silent. 

While the others were little surprised, they still followed what he said. The little boy went to the barn and sat there in silence. 

The other children reached him and asked him what he was doing and the little boy asked them not to make noise. 
He sat there for about 15 minutes and then rushed to his grandfather. Yes, he got the watch and happily gave it to Joe. 

He was surprised and asked how he was able to find it. The little boy replied, ‘I sat there without making a noise and the barn was so silent. After a few minutes, I heard the ‘tick, tick’ sound and found the watch. 

Joe hugged him and thanked the little boy.  If we stay calm, we can find the solution very easily!

Solving Skin Problems
Bug bites, bee stings, and poison ivy are all common skin problems. Try not to scratch! Scratching can tear your skin and is another way for germs to get in there and possibly cause an infection. Your mom or dad can help you by applying an ointment or cream to fight the itch.
Eczema is another itchy problem. You're more likely to have this dry skin condition if you have asthma, hay fever, or other allergies. If a moisturizing cream doesn't work, you may need to see your doctor or a dermatologist, a doctor who specializes in skin care.
Urticaria, also known as hives, is a type of skin rash that causes red blotches or bumps that itch. Hives can be caused by an infection, or an allergic reaction to an insect bite, or something you ate, breathed in, or touched. 
Your mom or dad might give you medicine, such as an antihistamine, to reduce the swelling or itching related to the hives. If someone has hives and other symptoms, such as trouble breathing, the person needs to go to the emergency department.
You may not think of it as skin, but you have skin on your scalp, where your hair grows. Sometimes, this skin can get flaky and fall off. This might be dandruff, the little white flakes you can sometimes see if you are wearing a dark-colored shirt. 
Talk to your mom or dad about this and they can buy you a special shampoo, or talk to the doctor about getting a medicated shampoo to control dandruff. From kdshealth.org.

Sheep bleat, but cats….?
 Kittens are to cats what foals are to what?
 A brood of vipers, a swarm of? 
A place where animals are kept is called what?
The professional who treats sick animals is called?

Mew 2. Horses or donkeys 3. Bees, locust or flies 4. A zoo 5. A veterinarian

What kind of coat is best worn wet?
What has a head and tail but no limbs or body?
I can travel the world without leaving my corner. What am I?
What is always coming but never really arrives?
If you have me, you want to share me. But if you share me, you would Lose Me. What Am I?

1. Paint 2. A coin 3. A stamp 3. Tomorrow 4. A secret     

Did you know instead of bones, sharks have a skeleton made from cartilage? 
Did you know sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world? 
Did you know it's only the female mosquito that actually bites humans? 
Did you know even when a snake has its eyes closed, it can still see through its eyelids? 
Did you know rats breed so quickly that in just 18 months, 2 rats could have created over 1 million relatives?

Name :Nwaogu Chinecherem Fortune
School :Community Nursery And Primary School Asokoro
Age :9years
Ambition : To become a pilot
Likes :  singing


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