Not too late to name looters - FCT residents

The failure of the Ministry of Information and Culture to publish details of those who allegedly looted public funds as promised by President Muhammadu Buhari, has prompted renewed calls for government to stand by its promise. Damning all legal consequences earlier projected that such action could trigger, some Abuja residents who spoke to Ere-Ebi AGEDAH and Bintu BOMAI, said it was not too late for the publication of the names of the alleged looters and the amount they stole. Excerpts: 
My opinion is that publishing the names of those who looted our funds is the right thing. It is good for Nigerians to know those who have improvised them.
Let us know those who have put us in this condition. For me, it is not a bad idea. I am in total support of the government.
Of course, we have been expecting the release of the names as the President promised. We expected him to do it himself. But we were told that the Minister for information had been delegated to do it.
However, we are not going to dwell on that. We just want to know how much was recovered and the persons who returned whatever they looted.
Hopefully, publishing the names will serve as a deterrent so that others will not loot public funds in the future.
Let us know those who have actually stolen our funds in this country. Let’s know the amount recovered, and then we can now hold government to account for the monies recovered.
I have decided to sit back and watch the APC administration as it handles issues that bother on the betterment of our country. I choose not to comment on such issues.
But as it relates to our money, I am against the publishing of the list. The government should have a rethink on its decision.
We are talking about billions carted away by a few people with millions of Nigerians living below poverty line. Does government want Nigerians to know that they are just suffering in the midst of plenty?
I am against the list. Government should recover our looted funds, invest them wisely in the interest of Nigerians but the list should remain confidential.
We are already full of fury and emotions. We expect Buhari to name the looters. All the names of the people involved in this loot should be brought to light for people to know their corrupt leaders.
From what is happening currently in Nigeria, Nigerians are still enraged by the issue of removal of fuel subsidy.
So I think he should do what is expected of him and ensure justice in the fight against corruption.
I can still remember that was one of his campaign promises.  If the ministry of information doesn't release any names, then Buhari would have lied to the nation.
I think it's a bit too early to bring out the list. If they bring out someone's name and the court later acquits him, such a person could sue them for defamation of character.
If that happens, instead of recovering money, they would end up spending more money paying for damages.
So it makes no sense. The President should put his arcs together and finish up everything. When he has done his homework and the names are released, we will get to know the amount they have and not for the minister of information to be saying different things all the time.
It is good to publish the names of the corrupt officials to serve as a deterrent to others. People are complaining about the economic hardship they are facing now.
One of the reasons the list should be out is to get to know the people who are the criminals, what they stole and the amount. Publishing the names is a good idea to punish them for their dishonest acts.


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