Marafa, finds his gold

Nothing best describes Senator Kabir Marafa and his horde of gold-seeking members of the Unity Forum than their capitulation to what the Austrian born author, screenwriter, filmmaker, director and actor, Sir Kristian Aumann, said: “Self-aggrandizement and lust for power, the maelstrom of baser instincts - disfigured people.”
Perhaps, Marafa may not know it, he has been disfigured by his volte face in the wake of landing the juicy chairmanship of the Committee of Petroleum Downstream in the Senate.
For long, Marafa, a leading member of the Unity Forum was the face of the crisis rocking the senate leadership so much so that allegations of forgery was pitched against Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu.
But it is evident that Marafa and company were all about the lust for power propelled by the maelstrom of baser instincts rather than the common good.
The senator is not alone in the malfeasance as other members of the so-called Unity Group, which by all indications are united in stomach infrastructure agitation, got plum committees like the National Identity and National Population Committees.
He said, “Yes peace has returned to the Senate, as long as the party comes in and the wish of the party is respected, there will always be peace.
“I have always been telling people that we are not at loggerheads with anybody. It is not that we hate somebody. The current President of the Senate has remained one of my close friends and seniors in the Senate.
“What you saw happened is what I will describe as loyalty to the party. The constitution of Nigeria recognises political parties, not individuals.”
For now, Nigerians know the kind of change agents they voted.


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