Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

India’s women’s minister sacked after sex tape shows him kissing two women

Sandeep Kumar, Women's and Children's Minister of Delhi, was fired last Wednesday, by the city’s chief minister after a clip surfaced in which he was kissing a woman who is not his wife.
The minister’s sack comes just after the incriminating clip was forwarded to National TV stations.
Sandeep Kumar was removed from his post by the Delhi chief minister late on Wednesday shortly after the 'objectionable' tape was sent to him and national television stations.
It is reported that the leaked sex tape was actually created by the minister himself, and that he also took a number of photos which were leaked alongside the short clip.
Speaking about the sack, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said, “We never try to cover up wrongdoings when evidence comes up against our ministers or party workers, unlike other parties.”
Local sources report further that the incriminating evidence was sent in a CD to the office of the Chief Minister, with an attached anonymous letter.
“AAP is a party of ideals. AAP has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption, scandals,
“Ministers found taking bribes were removed immediately as soon as it was found. Action will be taken swiftly against any member irrespective of status or position,” says deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia.
A lawyer by profession, Kumar, 35, was picked for the Cabinet by Kejriwal as the party's Dalit face.
He is a well-known candidate who contests cases of the poor without charge.


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