Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

SHORT STORY: John’s Guardian Angel

Once upon a time, there lived a boy called John in a small town. One winter morning John was cycling with his friends and fell down, bruising his leg. 
Cycling was his favorite hobby, so he made up his mind to hide the injury from his mother in order not to upset her or get scolded and denied the opportunity of cycling next time.
 John’s mother had taught him not to tell lies or hide anything from her even if he was wrong. But on this occasion, he could not sum up the courage to face her. 
So he decided to sleep early to escape being questioned by his mother. As he lay on his bed and tried to sleep, his mother’s voice called from the living room “John, why are you sleeping so early today? Won’t you eat something? I have made your favourite food.”
She entered the room and tried to pull him from his bed, but he replied, “Mom, I don’t feel like eating pizzas today; let me sleep.”  Sadness filled his mother’s countenance as he turned his face from her.
John knew he was not being truthful to her. His mother and school teacher had taught him to be truthful. 
As he tried to sleep, his mother insisted on telling him a good story that could lull him into a good and peaceful night rest. 
But John replied, “I don’t like your stories, mom. They are not interesting to me.” She kept quiet and gently touched his forehead. Slowly, he fell asleep with a heavy heart. Soon after falling asleep, many scary dreams surfaced. 
He was chased by many ghosts. He tried running but had no idea about the roads and destinations. So his legs slipped off, and he fell into a big well. He started screaming loudly in his sleep but nobody came to help him.
Unexpectedly, he felt a touch of soft feathery wings trying to pull him out. As he looked, he saw the face of someone who introduced himself as his Guardian Angel, assigned to protect, guide and deliver him.
Suddenly, he woke up from his dream and felt his mother’s hands holding him. John looked at her and said, “Mom, that angel looked like you. It was only you, mom.”
Overwhelmed by the dream, he opened up and told his mother why he went to bed early last night. As John spoke to his mother, he slowly fell asleep again in her arms. This time, no nightmares interrupted sleep. Rephrased; original content from www.kidsworldfun.com.

What has all the knowledge you have, but is as small as your fist?
What is the word that is spelled incorrectly in all dictionaries?
I am a fragile object; people break me every time they speak. Who am I?
Four children and a dog were walking under a small umbrella but none of them got wet. How did it happen?
I am the building with number stories. Who am I?
1. I am your brain 2. Incorrectly 3. Silence 4. It was not raining 5. A Library
Did you know the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds?
Did you know 8 per cent of people have an extra rib?
Did you know 85 per cent of plant life is found in the ocean?
Did you know unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it?
Did you know an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?


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