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Court threatens to revoke Tsav’s bail condition

A magistrate court presided over by Isaac Ajim has threatened to revoke the condition of bail given to the Federal Commissioner, Federal Complaint Commission, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav on self-recognizance.

A visibly angry Magistrate Ajim, handed down the warning last week during the hearing of the suit between the Benue state government versus Alhaji Abubakar Tsav which hinges on corruption, regretted the way and manner the latter is trying to frustrate the case.

Ajim was not happy with the non-appearance of Alhaji Tsav and his substantive counsel when the case came up in court.

Tsav had in a letter by his counsel, Anthony Agada, and read in court by Kenneth Ula who stood in for him, claimed that he could not appear in court because of an appointment with his doctor.

But the presiding magistrate frowned at the content of the letter, noting that it ought to have been supported by a letter from his doctor, insisting that it is an attempt by the accused to frustrate justice.

"We have spent so much time on just preliminary objections without hearing the real merit of the case.  I gave him bail on self-recognition but he should be ready if I rescind on that decision. His counsel is misleading him. There are two (2) options given to him to either to allow the case go on or apologize", he said.

Counsel to the state government, Andrew Wombo, expressed displeasure at counsel to the accused for his refusal to serve the letter on him.

"Counsel to the accused should have served us with a copy of the letter before the sitting. Somebody is trying to be crafty and I find this difficult. This is very unfortunate. It appears the accused is trying to play on the intelligence of the court. The accused only comes to court to seek adjournment and thereafter, go back to cause more trouble.

"He forged document and is summoned by the Inspector General of Police. There is a motion of jurisdiction and we are running out of patience. This attitude is against the Federal Government’s committee set up for speedy dispensation of corruption matters", Wombo said.

The presiding Magistrate therefore, adjourned the matter to November 15, 2017 warning sternly that the accused should stop playing with the law and do the needful.


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