Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Residents decry activities of touts at Dutse Alhaji market

Residents of Dutse Alhaji in Bwari area council have appealed to the chairman to tackle the menace of touts in the area who are alleged to be revenue collectors for the council.

The market which is a beehive of activities and services Bwari, Gwarinpa, Kubwa and other adjoining areas could be abandoned if the matter is not urgently addressed, some residents warn.

A woman, who was a victim of harassment and extortion by the agents weekend, narrated how her car was clamped and her tyres deflated when she made a quick stop at the market to pick up a few items by the roadside. According to her, it was not a market day, neither was it a rush hour, but the so-called council agents besieged her alleging she parked at a no-parking area when there was no sign indicating that.

“What the touts in name of council officials are doing is criminal. I think the proper thing is to have notices indicating no-parking rather than hide by the corner and clamp people’s car tyres as well as rough handle them.

“The Bwari area council better tackles the growing menace before something untoward happens. I am traumatized as these men harassed me, deflated my tyres and insisted I paid N2, 000 before I was let go”, the victim said.

Our correspondent learnt that not too long ago, there was near-breakdown of law and order as commercial cyclists tired of the antics mobilized against the touts but for the quick intervention of the police.


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