For Mourinho, when the sky was not blue

“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.”

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Jose Mourinho, the record-winning but foul-mouthed coach of Chelsea FC in the British Premier League, was given the booth in his role from the club, last week.

The attention grabbing Portuguese is one individual that adds colour, panache and ultimately, controversy, wherever he is.

Mourinho, who sparked media row when he dubbed himself the Special One, believed he was the untouchable and could not be reproached.

In a string of bad runs, ever in his career, the coach could not bring himself down to converse with his players; rather, he bullied, lay accusations against them. In short, to him, some of his players were Judases that should be railroaded in public.

One thing he forgot is that there comes a time when some praise, cajoling and back rubbing could just work the magic. But given his penchant to take the center stage, he underestimated the level of angst and reprobation his players had for him and continued to mortify individuals that could turn the games in his favour.

Being blinded by pride, those who should make him remain the Supremo that he is ganged up against him like pirates on rebellion against their captain and saw to his fall.

While there is no doubt that he may have won laurels for the club in the past, the natural law of diminishing returns seem to have caught up with Jose the son of Mou.

Will he rediscover the spark that has left his contemporaries wonder how he does it? It is for his next assignment to answer to that.


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