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In this season of Christmas

In about seven days, Christmas will be upon us after a year of mixed bags. It is only fitting to retrospectively look at a year that has shaped Nigeria in many ways and count the blessings.

There is no better time to take stock at a time when Jesus Christ, God’s Gift of Love to humanity was born; a period of family, sharing and giving without the expectation of reward.

To say the least, 2017 has been a very difficult year; scandals, rising poverty, government corruption, scathing herdsmen attacks on farming communities and with Nigerians sold like chickens in Libya, with hundred others dead at sea and desert.

All these while the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari appears helpless and demanding a princely $1 billion to tackle Boko Haram, it claimed it had defeated over a year ago.

However, some say the nation is going through necessary but difficult pangs of rebirth. It is in this that the essence of Christ coming should be appreciated. Jesus Christ came in rough surroundings as a means to teach humility, endurance and hard work.

What should we as Nigerians, Christians and non-Christians draw from this? It teaches us that the Muhammadu Buhari presidency must wake from its self-induced lethargy to clean the Aegean stable; while all citizens need to give him their support.

The president needs to rekindle hope in the millions of those that gave him their mandate in 2015 by ensuring that poverty is addressed, officials like the former SGF, Babachir Lawal are brought before the law, while the rule of law is held sacrosanct.

Jesus Christ came to make the wrong, right and even had to wield the whip at a certain stage, so, it will not be entirely out of place if the administration lashes out sometimes in its effort to make things better for all.

Aware of this, the government needs to build consensus, demonstrate with clarity its priorities and run an open and inclusive government. The people should as well give commitment of their readiness, especially at this Christmas season, that it is ready to yield to the demands of this administration for a better Nigeria.

The country maybe struggling with unemployment, but it has a fighting chance of a better future if we keep the light of discipline and patriotism burning in our actions.

So as we reflect in this season, we should eschew corruption, bend down to work, and remember; “there is no easy walk to freedom anywhere.”


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