Written by Laraba Murey

Father abandons triplets as wife dies

A middle aged father, Mr. Emeka Okonya, has abandoned his new set of triplets after their mum died shortly after their birth in an Abuja hospital.

The father, who is unemployed, was said to have even chided his deceased wife during childbirth for the multiple birth.

The story first reported by online newspaper, Premium Times, said the responsibility of taking care of the fragile babies – a boy and two girls- is now on distant relatives and friends.

It was learnt that the late Nkechi Okonya, 32, was the family’s bread-winner, raising her two children and supporting her husband from the proceeds of her petty trade.

The two older children, Jersey and Kimberly — seven and five years old — have now dropped out of school with no one to take care of their education.

Their father was last seen shortly after the unlucky mum gave birth at Bwari General Hospital. She bled to death shortly afterwards leaving behind the five children.

Mrs Okonya was due for delivery on April 20 and was rushed to a Primary Health Centre in Bwari, a suburb of Abuja.

She was delivered of one of the children there prematurely at about 9:30 a.m.

“For hours they kept telling her to push thinking the baby left inside her was just one but nothing came out so they now referred her to Bwari General hospital,” her cousin, Chinwendu Ekwunife said.

At Bwari hospital where she was rushed to, the health workers there further delayed the delivery process, thereby worsening her situation. She held on until 5 p.m.

“I don’t know what happened but the doctors and nurses there still held on until about 5 p.m. before they wheeled her into the theatre.

“She delivered the remaining two children but was now bleeding heavily. She took four pints of blood in less than 15 minutes.

“At a point they (doctors) said she was stable and after a while, she died. It was around 12 midnight,” Mrs Ekwunife who was with her cousin at the moment of explained.

She said one of the triplets was placed on oxygen throughout the night because he was very weak.

She described the services rendered by the hospital as “careless and inhuman”.

“Why would a general hospital keep a woman who already delivered a baby elsewhere from 12pm to 5pm without conducting an operation?” she questioned.

“Even when she finally delivered and died, they did not even weigh the kids. They just asked us to leave the hospital immediately that night. They don’t even have an ambulance.”

The triplets were released from the hospital later, and Mrs Ekwunife, still mourning her cousin, has relied on help from her husband and friends as she juggles taking care of the kids and holding down her job as a lawyer.

A hospital source was quoted as saying the husband was chased away by nurses after he confronted his wife as she fought for her life, questioning why she gave birth to three additional children when she knew his condition.

 Mrs. Ekwunife has appealed to the government, individuals and organisations for assistance. She can be reached on 08100643284.


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