Written by Ateed YUSUF

UniAbuja don identifies factors for education reform

A Professor of Education Technology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Abuja, Christopher Okwudishu, has identified factors that would bring about rapid transformation in the education sector. 

He revealed this at the 30th inaugural lecture which he delivered with the theme “Motion without movement: the case of education reform and the imperative of technology in teacher education.” 

The lecturer noted that the world is experiencing a paradigm shift from the one based on mass production and consumption of standardized goods and hierarchical structuring of businesses, governmental and social institution. 

Okwudishu also observed that there is tremendous pressure for change in all components of the education system, even as he stated that it has implications for what is learned, how is learned how teachers teach, how students are tested and how schools are structured. 

The don recommended for efficient teacher training and technology integration, adding that it is well known that the quality and extend of learner achievements are determined by teacher competence, sensitivity and motivation. 

The lecturer also dwelled on curriculum reform to meet international standard to include capacity development approach, just as he stressed the need to revise the curriculum to prepare students for the world work by moving the curriculum for the higher end of the skills continuum and setting high expectations for students’ achievements. 



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