Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

“Why I am called Ugly Fine Boy”

Adibeli Ugochukwu, a.k.a UFB (Ugly Fine Boy), is a budding Afro pop artiste whose song, ‘Baby boo’ is currently ruling the airwaves. The Delta State-born singer believes he has what it takes to succeed in the music industry.

Whenever he is being introduced at events, his name elicits questions from people.

In an interview recently, Ugo revealed the reason why he is called Ugly Fine Boy; “Most people are usually surprised at the things I do. I have been told that I don’t look like someone who can do certain things. I have heard statements like

‘You look too cool, like someone who doesn’t talk at all.’ I chose the name Ugly Fine Boy as a way of expressing my dual personality. I have been underestimated. This represents the ugly side of me. I have also surprised people with my music. This represents the fine part of me. I decided to fuse these traits and created a name from it.”

When asked if he believes that sex sells, he replied in the affirmative; “Sex sells anywhere but over-doing it, is the problem.”


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