Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Davido’s assault on decency

Success has a way of making a mockery of the best, especially, one that comes through entertainment with all its allurement of ‘enjoyment.’

The custody mess between David Adeleke aka Davido and his baby mama, Sophia Momodu over their daughter, Imade, exemplifies the zenith of the mockery of success not really worked hard for.

To think that Davido and his half-sister are walking free after the failed attempt to spirit the Imade off to Dubai for ‘medical examination’ with impersonation to booth, is incredulous and should shame our country’s law enforcement agencies.

Besides the abduction and crime of impersonation, Davido’s rants and foul language should worry all sane members of society. This is one of society’s supposed role model for thousands of youths, spewing invectives without blinking an eye.

The tragedy of it is that his parents and some section of society are cheering him on, and this speaks to our moral quotient as a people.

Davido and his family and all his accomplices have waged a brutal assault on decency and should be told so through the instrument of those tasked by the law to safe guard our norms and mores.


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