Written by Austine ELEMUE

Parents decry poor condition of Abuja school for handicap

Some parents have lamented the poor condition of the school for the handicap in Kuje Area Council, describing the school as unfit for human habitation. 

The enraged parents told The Abuja Inquirer that the FCT Administration has neglected the pupils despite the fact that the pupils are physically challenged 

One of the parents, Mrs. Isa, however acknowledged that though the Education Secretariat of the FCT Administration recently carried out renovation on the roof and toilets of the school, she said it was still a far cry from the need to expand the facilities in the hostels 

She called on the FCT minister, Mallam Mohammad Bello, to urgently pay an unscheduled visit to the school for first-hand information on the pain and anguish the pupils undergo in the course of learning. 

According to her, “there is urgent need to address the poor condition in the school for the handicap because most of the pupils are autistic children. Even at the age of 10, they cannot carry out simple functions like their counterparts who are also physically challenged. They need the assistance of mature hands. 

"However, what we see in the school for the handicap is that the hostels are overcrowded with two portals attending to up to 58 children. There are five washing machines not put to good use by the school authority. It was recently, precisely during the rainy season that the Education Secretariat undertook a renovation of the roof and toilets. The effort of the secretariat is a far cry from parents’ expectation. 

“The school is a specialized one and we expect the FCT Administration to pay more than usual attention to the school because of the physical conditions of the pupils. Besides, the FCT administration should be a pacesetter for other states of the federation in matters of national discourse." 

Another parent who did want to be named accused the administration of using the school for decoration, warning that if nothing was done urgently, parents would be forced to protest to the minister’s office.


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