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Benue APC one-man show, says Ortom



As the political crisis in Benue state continues to deepen, Benue state Governor Samuel Ortom has described the All Progressives Congress, APC as a one-man show.

Ortom in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and ICT, Tahav Agerzua, insisted that the APC is indeed a one-man show if reference is made to a serving senator in the media and it will take a party chairman in the state to respond when he ought to have media aides who should respond on his behalf.

"That the APC state chairman would react on behalf of a serving senator is indeed a confirmation that he has pocketed both the party and its officials to the extent that they are out to dance to his whims and caprices at the slightest opportunity," the governor said.

"No wonder, most major stakeholders who had been suffocated in the APC have left to find breathing space in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, while those left in the demigod’s prison remain in chains to do his bidding no matter how odious.

"The most unfortunate thing is that in a bid to please the slave master, all manner of lies and concoctions have to be fabricated.

"Moreover, there is every indication that both the feudal lord and his slaves have since alienated themselves from the people hence they do not know what is on ground even at their doorsteps.”

Tahav in the statement argued that government is a continuum and the incumbent governor does not need to reinvent the wheel before he can get credit for upgrading already existing facilities.

He further stated that “Governor Ortom is not afraid of any probe provided it is fair and just and assures the people that no investigation on fraud with respect to finances of the state will ever incriminate him.”


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