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APC’ N55m form: Capable of heightening corruption - Kogi

A House of Assembly aspirant under the platform of Social Democratic Party, SDP, Hon. Kogi Joseph, has condemned the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the high cost of its presidential form, saying democracy should not be sold.

Kogi, who is contesting for Kyan constituency seat at the Benue State House of Assembly, spoke to The Abuja Inquirer in Makurdi after a meeting of aspirants of the SDP.

He stressed that what the APC has done was a slap on democracy and capable of heightening corruption.

"I think democracy should not be for sale. Most at times, people who bought political power take advantage of the position they have to siphon public funds, which would have been needed for development in our country.

"If the ruling party is pegging presidential form at N55 million, it simply tells you that a lot of persons somewhere have been able to have access to public funds and they have cornered this public funds to themselves,” he argued.

He insisted that the whole process of getting political power must be democratized in such a way that persons who have genuine intentions of accessing power for developmental purposes should be paid more attention to than the issues of money.

While acknowledging that money is one of the elements of power, the House hopeful said the welfare of the people as another element of power should be prioritized.

"I think that less emphasis should be placed on the monetary aspect of it while more consideration should be placed on other elements of power.

"This can be done by giving the electorates more information on deciding who is their own leader and also ensuring that the people with the right set of mind are thrown in positions where they can bring certain polices and decisions to the benefit of the people.”

Asked If such high price of forms has the tendency to breed corruption, Hon. Kogi said, "of course quite sure. Where do you get that kind of money from?

"What most officers are paid is not enough to accumulate to such an amount of money to go about campaigning in all the state of the federation, 776 LGAs of the federation and also the wards.

"So certainly, somebody is getting money illegally from somewhere and by the time he gets into government, he will figure out certain ways he is going to recoup all he termed as investments and that takes us to the questions about the kind of development we will be having and issues of good governance.”



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