Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

SWEER moves to address water problem

The founder and chief executive officer, SWEER Global, Dr. Thaddeaus Thompson, has disclosed plans of his firm, Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration, SWEER Global, to complement Federal Government’s effort in tackling and solving serious impeding water provision, distribution and supply, recycling of plastic bottles and other issues affecting Nigerians.

He made known while responding to questions from journalists about the state of the economy.

Thompson in his assertion said the government alone cannot achieve much as expected by the people adding that the private sector has a big role to play in the development of any economy, despite the fact that they are business people, but can with the business concept compliment the effort of the government through mutual relationship.

“Well, it is important to assess the economy and see where there are issues and what can be done to tackle them and proffer the expected solutions on the short, medium and long terms as an industrialist. I want to state that it takes collaborative efforts by both the public and private sectors based on the policies and programmes imbedded in the vision and objectives of the government in power.

“The economy of Nigeria as it is needs stronger collaboration between the government the private sector. By this I mean the private sector should be given the leeway in some critical sectors hinged on policies of the government that would make the private sector leverage on that to actualize the dreams and aspirations of the government including the people despite profit-making to meet up some critical aspects of their business.

“We in Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration, SWEER Global, want to complement Federal Government’s effort in Nigeria to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people, by stepping in to stop increasing mortality rate of infants and pregnant women in Nigeria.

“We will help in purifying toxic and contaminated river and ground water bodies for the people to have access to clean and safe drinking water with modern technology through our partner in Europe.

“We are extremely concerned about the wellbeing of Nigerians because according to the report of United Nations Children Education Fund UNICEF, almost 90 per cent of child deaths from diarrhea diseases are directly linked to contaminated water, lack of sanitation, or inadequate hygiene. We want to see what we and our partners can do in tackling and reducing the number as we deploy modern technology soon to address the menace,” he said.

Areas of intervention he said include pollution management in various sectors, water purification, recycling of plastic trash, and water purification projects, environmental restoration, rural electrification, agro-irrigation systems, internet connection services, drones and logistics management.



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