Written by Ere-ebi AGEDAH

Reduction of 50k pump price of fuel insulting - Nigerians

In December the federal government announced a 50k reduction the pump price of premium motor spirit commonly referred to as petrol. Petrol, the FG said, is to sell at N86.50k at privately owned stations, while those of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, is to dispense at N86. Following the announcement, our correspondent, Ere-Ebi AGEDAH, sought the opinions of Nigerians on the policy directive. Excerpts:



To me the reduction in pump price is a step towards change just as the ruling party has promised.

But the reduction, I must say is close to nothing as far as I am concerned, if you want to do it, do it well. Let the people feel the impact of the change. I must say it is close to nothing.

Let me add that based on where we are coming from as a country that has not experienced this in a very long time, I must not fail to say that it’s a welcome development and a step forwards in the right direction.

But 50kobo to a Nigerian is nothing.



Coming at this time I must say is very wonderful and it shows that the government has the Nigerian interest at heart.

Even as crude at the international level has reduced, as a sincere government, they have no option but to reduce the price so as to accord with prevailing international prices of crude.

We are also informed that the local production of fuel in the country accounts to about 30% of its use in the country beginning from January so this just goes to show that the government is quite sincere by adopting a pragmatic approach to the issue of fuel subsidy.

I came back to Abuja and I bought at the new pump price of which I am excited about.



Reduction in pump price personally I feel it is really insignificant of which I will still say that it is equally a welcome development.

But as Nigerians we would have expected the reduction to be much lower than what we are getting, owing to the reduction in the international market which we believe is much lower than what is been offered to us.

The reduction is not even up to 5% but what can we say, if it wasn’t reduced we won’t have been able to force the government to reduce it that’s why I say it is a good action by the Buhari administration.

We believe that this reduction has reduced any rancor that was gearing to raise its head like industrial strikes and the rest; we have started the year on a peaceful note.



I think the first thing is for the government to ensure that premium motor spirits (PMS) is made readily available to every Nigerian when and as is due.

It is just like a case of you having a farm but you are still dying of hunger or a yam barn but you cannot cook, it just shows that we still do not know what to do in this country.

But let me say this reduction is very insignificant and will be of no effect to anyone; I just came back from the east where fuel is still being sold at N150 per liter. I do not think there is any reduction in pimp price because it is yet to get to all parts of the country. 






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