Written by Ambrose IMOBHIO

NEMA enlightens Deltans on flood mgt, control

Deltans especially those residing in coastal and flood prone areas have been advised not to erect structures on waterways in order not to be victims of flooding.

Mr. Victor Mwabani, Head, Edo operations office covering Edo, Bayelsa and Delta State National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, gave the warning in a stakeholders’ meeting held in Asaba, Delta State titled: “The Role of Stakeholders in Disaster Management”.

He regretted the unfortunate flooding incident in 2012 that led to the loss of lives and properties running into billions of naira.

According to him, if the necessary precautions are adopted, flooding can be averted and managed and advised that any warning should not be treated with levity.

Nwabani maintained that enlightenment of the residents in flood prone areas should commence from the local, state, regional to national level saying that was why the agency, engaged both the Local Emergency Management Agency, LEMA, and State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, to enable them assist in disseminating the awareness message.

He stated that NEMA has engaged in robust training and retraining of personnel to enable them respond adequately to distress.


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