Written by Austine ELEMUE

FCTA creates four new districts, to allocate 5,000 plots

The FCT Administration will generate 5,073 plots of land from the four new districts designed recently in the Phase IV south of the Federal Capital City. 

The four new districts; Mamusa North, Mamusa East, Parfun North and Parfun South, have been designed based on neighborhood concept of various densities of high, medium and low.

The FCT director of land administration, Adamu Jibrin, who made this disclosure in his office, noted that the design with necessary supporting facilities has plots of various sizes. 

The director further disclosed that out of this number of plots, Mamusa North will generate 1,404; Mamusa East-1,313; Parfun North-1,156, while Parfun South will provide 1,204. 

Jibrin gave a breakdown of allotted spaces to include 4,818 residential plots; 117 commercial plots, 42 public institution, 34 religious institution, 41 green areas, open space/recreational while education and agriculture have 19 and 2, respectively. 

He noted that the department of survey and mapping is presently undertaking the detailed surveying work of the four districts in order to make them available for allocation. 

The director maintained that the current leadership of the FCT administration is making frantic efforts to reduce the enormous number of applicants awaiting land allocation and thus, the creation of these four new districts. 

According to him, the design of these four new districts was deliberately made to ensure expansion and opening up of planned districts contiguous to the already designed and detailed districts in accordance with the phased programme of the Abuja Master Plan implementation. 

Jibrin emphasized that plots generated will also be used to address cases of double, multiple land allocations that the present government inherited, but is assiduously working to resolve. 

He revealed that the land department has so far identified over 1,500 uncollected certificates of occupancy, which the government intends to place advertisement to enable owners to come forward to claim. 

He paid tribute to the FCT Minister, Mallam Muhammad Bello for repositioning the Land Use and Allocation Committee, LUAC, which he has strengthened and allowed to function without influence thereby resolving knotty issues in a more objective and transparent manner. 

His words: “This time around, all stakeholder technical departments are all members of LUAC thus, creating uncommon synergy since all matters pertaining to land pass through LUAC.” 


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