Written by Austine ELEMUE

Abuja NGO organizes spelling bee for pupils

As part of efforts to promote excellence in education, a non-governmental organization, Shamudo Spelling, has organized a spelling bee competition for pupils and students in both public and private schools. 

The event, which had about 22 primary and secondary schools participating, attracted highly placed members of the society and Nollywood actors such as Charles Awurum and Emmanuel Fred, including the former Niger State Governor, Dr. Mua'azu Aliyu, who is the grand patron of the group.

Aliyu, who spoke during the event, advised the organizers, students, parents, public and private sectors on the need to improve on the educational standard of both pupils and students. 

He said: "You need to build a strata for words so you do not have primary and secondary schools spelling same words. Our pupils and students, you have sacrificed your time to be here and let us know what you have been studying. My advice to you is that you must engage in extra-curricular activities.

"Please read and read and read; ensure you keep your certificates, do not allow rats to eat your certificates."

Speaking on political matters, Aliyu said: "when you vote, do not vote based on emotions or on the fact that the person is from your place, but vote for competence, experience, development and welfare.”

Coordinator, Shamudo Spelling Bee, Comrade John Anyebe, while addressing the press, appealed for adequate attention to educational programs of pupils and students

While expressing his gratitude to the grand patron, Babangida Aliyu, Dr. Jumai Ahmadu, founder of Helpline Foundation for the Needy and other supporters of his NGO, Anyebe underscored the importance of giving children quality education and urged parents and teachers to make it a reality so that the future of children would be brighter.



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