Written by Chuks NZEH

Airport road residents want more CVR centers

Residents of Airport road, Abuja, have called on the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to deploy more voter registration centres during the duration of the Continuous Voter Registration, CVR exercise.

Speaking on the issue, Mr. Peter Ibe Irem, a resident of Lugbe, said it is worrisome to know that there is no voter registration center along the airport road, with several would-be voters having to go far to be registered.

Irem called on the FCT INEC to ensure that at least 3 centres are located along the axis before the end of the exercise to avoid the disenfranchisement of many residents willing to register.

Also speaking on the issue, Abdullahi Sani, who resides in Chika/ Aleita, which has a polling unit at the local education authority primary school, said, “if government makes projections they should know that by now that we need about 15 registration points along the Airport road because of the number of people that relocate to Abuja daily.

“I just came here to know whether there is a registration point here, because during elections there is a polling unit here but to my greatest surprise they told me to go to Kabusa several kilometers from here. It is unfortunate that we are still where we were 17 years ago.”

Kemi Lawal, another resident of Aco estate, also said government should know that with the influx of people from all states of the federation, there is need to plan towards expanding coverage after every election so as not to disenfranchise eligible voters.


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