Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Yerima’s Sharia comeuppance

Umberto Eco in his riveting book, The Prague Cemetery, argues that “People are never so completely and enthusiastically evil as when they act out of religious conviction.”

This is so true of the many atrocities that have happened through the centuries across the world, including Nigeria. Last Thursday, January 21, 2015, this saying came to fore in a Nigerian court when former Zamfara governor and apostle of ‘political Sharia’ Sani Yerima was arraigned for stealing a princely N1billion, funds for a dam.

In the early days of the return of democracy to Nigeria after over a decade of military adventurism, Yerima was completely and enthusiastically in love with the idea of implementing Sharia, the Muslim code of living.

Fully aware of the fervour of the Muslim Ummah, Yerima against the secularity of the Nigerian federation, implemented the Sharia, and before Nigerians could blink, some fellows had lost their limbs for allegedly stealing; taken what did not belong to them, and even more than the owner.

While he waxed in his shady religious piety, Yerima was dipping his hand into the state’s treasury and impoverishing the people.

Given that it is more than likely that the former governor was stealing the peoples patrimony, is it not fair that he be dragged before a Sharia court and if found guilty his limbs be chopped off?

Time beckons for Yerima to have the harvest of the seed he sowed!


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