Written by Williams ABAH, Edrina EMMANUEL

El-Zakzaky: What the FG should do – FCT residents








El-Zakzaky: What the FG should do – FCT residents 

A cross section of FCT residents have called on the government of Kaduna state to obey the court order permitting Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, to travel to India for medical care. The residents, who spoke to our correspondents, Williams ABAH & Edrina EMMANUEL, argue that doing so will ease tension in the country and avert another crisis in the nation's capital. Excerpts:


Raymond Ugwu: 

I don't know why the Federal High Court is displaying double standard on this issue. Was it not the same court that granted El-Zazaky bail two years back and the government refused to obey the court order? Why are they now proscribing the Shi’ites as a terrorist organization knowing fully well that the refusal to grant him bail could bring disaster?

For me, I don't think there will be any positive outcome from the judgment granting El-Zazaky bail because there is strong indication, as Kaduna state government has started listing the requirements to perfect his bail conditions. I want to appeal to government to take measure to ensure the group get their right as a religious body and exercise it within the confinement of the law. 


Hassana Kure: We need peace in this country. I do not see any reason for bloodletting, as we have witnessed in the nation's capital, as a result of Shi’ites activities. Just look at our constitution, the law book clearly spelt out how every religious organization can carry out their religious exercise.

I think the federal government has gone beyond the provision of the law in addressing this teething problem. Though, they may have their reasons, but since nobody is above the law, they are supposed to obey the laws of our land that regulate the conduct of every action. However, the Shi’ites had in the recent time disobeyed the lawful order of peaceful demonstration by engaging in violent protest. No matter how grieved you are over an issue, whether human rights, or other rights, as the case may be, you must exercise caution and respect the law. The group has their own flaws, but the government should take a look at the health conditions of their leader and grant him bail to enables him travel for medication. The issue you raised about the stringent conditions given by Kaduna state government to perfect his bail condition, for me I do not think it is proper for the government to apply any rigorous processes for his bail. This issue has reached a climax that it needs all inclusive approach to ensure there is peace between the government and the group. So the issue of given conditions to perfect his bail, for me, it is not necessary at this critical time. 


Chidi Okafor: The way government handles issues that has to do with collective interests is not ideal in a society that has divert cultures and religious beliefs like Nigeria. Shi’ites group has been in existence before this government came into existence. What are they doing that is different from what they had done in the past years? Is unfortunate that this government has no regard to the rule of law. Look at the case of Dasuki, it is the same drama that is playing out there. Where are we actually heading to in this country? If the government who are custodian of the law, refuse to obey it, except if it favour them, it then means that we are really in the state of anarchy. Like you said in your opening questions, I do not think the president will change his mind to allow El-Zazaky be granted bail. From his body language, since the court made the pronouncements, one could see that he may still remain adamant. The judiciary is not helping matter in this issue.   


David Adah:

President Buhari and his administration are not known to obey the rule of law. He has repeatedly ignored or blatantly refused to abide by several court rulings within and outside the country. Examples are the ECOWAS court ruling granting bail to former NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki and the case in question, that of the Shi’ites leader, El-Zakzaky and many more. The Kaduna court ruling last Monday granting bail to El-Zakzaky and his wife is another unfolding drama. Will Buhari obey this ruling and release El-Zakzaky? Personally, I don't think so. Like before, this administration will ignore the Kaduna court ruling or better still look for means to keep the Shi’ites leader indefinitely. With the branding of IMN as a terrorist organisation, the president will use this as a ruse to keep the Shi’ites leader in custody without bail, especially now that his party controls the other two arms of government. 


Yusuf Zainab Funmilayo:

My view on El-Zakzaky arrest. Will he be released? I can’t say if they will release him or not because the issue involves the government. Instead of saying they will release him and they are indirectly saying he is going for medical treatment abroad. This is not the first time such issue has happened in this our country Nigeria, at the end of everything the whole matter will die off. You will not hear anything about it again. Weather they release him or not the government knows their cunning ways of handling such issue. His arrest has caused loss of lives of innocent soul in Abuja.


Idowu Michael:  For peace to reign, I think they should release him. The whole protest and loss of life just because of one man is senseless. They should release him, since the matter has been taken to court and the court said they should release him, the government should do so. I don't know why his being held and I have not heard of him committing any crime so the government should release him so the protest can stop because for a while the protest was getting out of hand and some people lost their lives in the process and that is not  good for us.

















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