Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Behold, your senator, Chris Uba

When the Supreme Court on Friday, January 29 announced Chris Uba as the rightful candidate of the PDP for Anambra South and effectively ended the senatorial era of his urbane elder brother, Andy, Cassandra Clare quickly came to mind.

Clare, author of the urban fantasy series, had aptly posited that “The Law is hard, but it is the Law.” There is no doubt this is one such time that the law defies logic, decency and contradicts balance and finesse.

For those who do not know or may have forgotten, Chris Uba is the King of Money ‘Eselu’ the unrefined shadow of Senator Andy, his brother. It was he and his gang that staged managed the kidnap of a sitting governor, the first of its kind in Nigeria till date.

Chris had allegedly with his hordes taken Governor Chris Ngige hostage over his renegading to hand over the keys of the Anambra patrimony to them for sponsoring his electoral conquest.

The incident during the second term of Obasanjo earned Chris the sobriquet; Kidnapper of Governor Chris Ngige, KoGCN. It is yet to be seen how Chris has become a gentleman in the intervening years as he wears the title of ‘Distinguished Senator’ in the coming days. 


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