Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

For Obasanjo another epistle

Last week was just one of those times that you know that Nigeria is a land of ironies; a contradiction that defies the normal. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, ordinarily a man to be taken seriously, but unfortunately his legacy dictates otherwise, penned yet another epistle to the National Assembly.

Obasanjo no doubt worried by the profligacy of the lawmaking arm of government wrote to the legislators to curb their excesses, align themselves with the people and shun the lure of corruption.

Beautiful, you would say. The problem is that the message is unbefitting of the messenger. If history is correct, the prophet should live by his creed, and not expect his adherents to ignore the source of wisdom which is vile and opprobrious.

Obasanjo with his air of the irreproachable cannot be excused of the perfidy and rot at the National Assembly.

As the first president in the post 1999 military era, he found that arm of government as his Game of Thrones; influence lawmakers with monetary inducements to set up their leadership and bring them down.

The most telling of his corrupting influence was during his extra-constitutional effort to get a Third Term as his second tenure was coming to end. It was not just whispered, but evident that he shared booty to legislators to have his way, but the people prevailed and a life president was truncated. Such is the irony of Obasanjo’s unending epistles on good governance and character. 


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