Written by Williams ABAH

Expert calls for healthy sleep culture

The Chief Executive Officer of Mouka Foam, Mr Raymond Morphy, has advised Nigerians on the need to have adequate and quality sleep, saying sleep is a necessary part of human life.

At a World Sleep Day organised by the firm in Abuja, Morphy said the role of sleep in mental and physical health could be underestimated.

He added that adequate or quality sleep is critical to the maintenance of optimal health and well-being.

This annual occasion is aimed at celebrating one of nature’s gifts to man. The organization decided to join the World Sleep Society in raising awareness in Africa’s most populous black nation about sleep disorders.

He stress the need for better understanding and preventability, as well as reducing the burden of sleep problems that constitute a global epidemic which threatens the health and quality of life for as much as 45 per cent of the world's population.

The vice president of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy, Nnenna Chigbo, said good quality sleep consisted seven to nine hours of sleep daily.

In her words, she said, "better understanding of sleep conditions and more research into the area will help reduce the burden of sleep disorders in the society".

According to her, Sleep deprivation is known to have a significant negative impact on health, in the short and long term Poor sleep has been associated with obesity, diabetes, weakened immune systems and cancer.

She noted that these disorders are all tied to the two key components of sleep which are sleep duration and sleep quality, both of which relate to the length of sleep and degree of interruptions during sleep.

Nnena said, both components may affect mental sharpness, physical vitality, emotional balance and productivity.


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