Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Oyegun’s Freudian slip

Chief John Oyegun, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, is a man that has come far. He knows what it means to be a governor, because he was one; he knows how to be in opposition and has being one.

He has seen tough days and better times. Given his experience not just about life but in politics, it is expected he would have learnt a thing or two about Freudian slips and guard his utterances with all due diligence.

But given the tocsin of power and its corrupting influence, it is difficult to guide against verbal overflow as is the case with Oyegun in his bemoaning of Supreme Court rulings on governorship elections in south south states.

The APC supremo called for the investigation of their justices for serving in the Temple of Justice. How petty! 

Though he has since denied the statement, a habit common with politicians, he should take solace in Terry Eagleton’s apt words in the Literary Theory: An Introduction.

Eagleton wrote: “Every now and then a word from the unconscious which I do not want insinuates itself into my discourse, and this is the famous Freudian slip of the tongue or parapraxis. But for Lacan all our discourse is in a sense a slip of the tongue: if the process of language is as slippery and ambiguous as he suggests, we can never mean precisely what we say and never say precisely what we mean. Meaning is always in some sense an approximation, a near-miss, a part-failure, mixing non-sense and non-communication into sense and dialogue.”


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