Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Kumuyi: Breaking Deeper Life’ glass ceiling

Pastor William Kumuyi is one of Nigeria’s renowned God’s General. With his ‘lean’ ministry devoid of the flamboyancy of the new Pentecostal, Kumuyi’s Deeper Life Bible Church was different.

Its members were compelled to be ‘chaste, moderate in dressing, frugal in all the affairs of the world.”

To other Christians, Deeper Life members were nothing but relics of the Scripture Union; those group of Christians that indeed ‘left’ the world to live the Christ-like way.

The former university don stunned his congregation recently when he gave indication that he is going to destroy some of the church’s teachings.

According to him, “Before I go, I will destroy all the Deeper Life doctrines I created them, they are not from the Bible. Before I leave I will remove all of them to present a pure church.”

To say the least, it takes courage and a sincere heart for a man to admit before his congregation that hold him reverence to admit he had set up traditions and statutes there are unbiblical, not of Christ teachings.

Having broken the glass ceiling on what is not; Kumuyi is fit to be declared a Field Marshal of God’s army. However, the ultimate crown of life is for God to decide as he sees the heart of man like none can possibly do.


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