Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

David makes his Mark

Having spent the last 16 years in the National Assembly, eight of which he was the supremo, David Mark Bonaventure Alechenu, could very well be said to be the husbandman of power.

Last Saturday, Mark found himself in testy waters as he squared up against one of his protégé, Daniel Onjeh of the APC in the Benue south rerun senatorial election.

The poll was much about Mark as it was about the Idoma Nation versus the Tiv.

While Mark is largely seen as the Idoma anointed, Onjeh was cast as the lackey of the Tiv; a spoiler sent to hold power in lieu for those who sent him.

Like his forbear David of the Biblical fame, this David who also has the name of famous war victor, Bonaventure, made his Mark as he vanquished the Daniel who could not live up to being in the proverbial Lion’s den.

In all, David made his Mark and will be returning to the Senate to etch his name as Nigeria’s longest senator, ever.


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