Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

For Oyegun, the gathering clouds

Chief John Odigie Oyegun, national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, seems to have come to the end of his fairy tale romance since he was picked from near-oblivion to lead the amalgamation of parties to form the APC.

As the national chairman of the party in power, Oyegun has consistently remained a paper-weight tiger in the power equation.

He is torn between the feudal lords of the North, and the mercantilist princes of the South West. In the midst of his confusion, he has demonstrated that he is but a mere pawn in the dangerous dagger politics of the APC.

Last week, it emerged that he would be going on some form of sabbatical from the party. To douse speculations, Oyegun himself came out to say he would be gone for 10 days.

To be fair to the old man, he has worked hard; was on every campaign trail and has remained active ever since.

But given the slippery nature of politics and the intense power play at the APC with some angling for his ouster, it would not be long for the bubble to burst and the timing of his ’10 days leave’ could just signpost the battle ahead.

Given that he is a chief of no mean repute, it is expected that as the clouds gather, Oyegun will know that have a broom is not enough. But will he settle for an umbrella? That is in the womb of time.


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