Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche


For me, the refusal to pay the N5, 000 stipends to the unemployed youths is very unfortunate because most of the electorate were influenced by the promise to do so.

It is the height of deceit by any government to its people. I wonder why President Muhammadu Buhari and his party- the All Progressives Congress will deem it fit to make unconditional pledges to the masses during electoral campaigns, only to make a u-turn on the same or at best attach conditions to them, after winning the polls.

To worsen the matter, President Buhari is now distancing himself from the electioneering promises made by the APC to woo voters during the 2015 Presidential elections. The question here is, why did he not dissociate himself from the APC promises during that period?

The president, we deserve to know why you waited till this time to be saying so. Nevertheless, I think it is too late for him to renege.

There is no going back on the matter as Nigerians, especially the teeming unemployed youths, the would-be beneficiaries that voted him into power, are waiting patiently for the payment of the N5, 000 stipends promised them.


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