Written by Ismaila JIMOH

Bees chase out teachers, students from Maitama school

Pandemonium broke out recently at a junior secondary school, Maitama, when large number of bees invaded the school compound as students were settling down for classes.

The situation was dramatic as both the teachers and students took to their heels in all directions as the bees gave chase.

While reacting to the development, principal of the school, Sherich Ahmad, who confirmed the incident, stated that he had to inform the school management board who gave the order for the school to be closed for the day.

According to him, “it is true that bees invaded our school and I think this is the first time in the history of the school. What I did was to assure everybody to remain calm.

“I later informed the school board, who later ordered us to close the school for that day. But we give thanks to God, because we did not record any casualties and normalcy has since returned as you can see for yourself.”

When pressed further on what may have likely attracted the bees into the school premises, Ahmad said students themselves may have disturbed the beehives in the course of their playing around the playground.

A student of the school, Musa, put it this way, “that day was terrible, in fact, both our teachers and we, the students, had to look for way of escape. It was when the situation was getting out of hand that they asked all of us to close for the day. I want to believe some of my fellow students may have disturbed the beehives.”


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