Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

And the Ocholis said, Adieu

Daisaku Ikedain in his essay on Life and Death posited: “Death is something no one can escape from. It follows life as surely as night follows day, winter follows autumn or old age follows youth. People make preparations so that they won't suffer when winter comes. They prepare so they won't have to suffer in their old age. Yet how few people prepare for the even greater certainty of death!”

Indeed, did the Ocholis – James, Blessing and Joshua – prepare for the certainty of death that took them on the eternal journey on March 6, 2016 on the Kaduna – Abuja road?

Yes, death is a certainty that gives no notice and respects no status, but could it not have spared the Ocholis on that day and in the manner which it did? After all, the philosopher said, ‘a man’s life is cut at its sweetest.’

For a man, many have described in the best of terms, James Ocholi, Minister of State for Labour and Productivity, has laboured through life to reach the zenith of achievement.

The testimonies have attested to the fact that power, wealth and fame did not erase the time-honoured principles of humility, empathy and philanthropy which had become his forte.

But given that the Divine knows that which is best for all man, let the consolation of all those who mourn in these passages be that the Ocholis in bidding us adieu such as they did, is to go to a better place without worries and fear.


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